FM, CM and NM Titles

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    chessninja0120 wrote:
    chessmaster102 wrote:
    SimonSeirup wrote:

    Notice the woman titles. WCM, WFM, WIM and WGM.

    WCM: 2000
    WFM: 2200
    WIM: 2300
    WGM: 2400

    WC (World Champion) is also a title. 

    there is no WCM just CM,RM, then WFM is presented to women. 

    There is WCM. Dude, you're gonna have to beleive me!

    Doesnt it seem off that the women's titles are lower? are they expecting them to be dumber than men? May be true, but sooner or later the feminists are going to get mad.

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