F=ma , does a bullet obey it ?

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    Please tell me how to play 1min chess well instantly,the secret of 1min chess.How to move my pieces repeatly in the game safely?

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    Read the other 5000 threads on this subject. Then come back.

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    Please be relevant.....  What about the bullet ?

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    Just "Use the force(=ma), Luke".

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    LongIslandMark wrote:

    F=MA is the general equation, but you have to factor in the force of gravity if you are not playing chess in outerspace. The bullet obeys it in any case, but a serious reply, considering the gravity of the the consequences, will have to wait until I have completed a few calculations.

    I agree.  The bullet obeys.  How does this relate to chess?

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    Surely the kinetic energy formula is more relevant to a bullet. KE=1/2MVsquared plus the rotational

    energy due to barrel rifling.

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