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For everyone who thinks he sucks at chess

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    You are not alone:


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    And it was not time trouble!

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    ...... congrats, nice draw !
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    Last ten moves were sorta weird.Both sides didn't immediately agree to a draw even with both sides being equal with the only difference being the different placement of the pieces which doesn't matter here

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    You do have to admit though,that text notation must've looked really cool.A fresh and stable wall of the letters b,d,c,e and the numbers 3,7,6,2,8

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    PewPew, i dont like how this looks but if you need it, i updated my diagram to contain letters.

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    Oh hehe.Nah.I'm just being silly.It's just that the notation of the last 10 moves looks kinda cool.Is all.You didn't have to do anything. thumbup.png

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    Oh wait... I didn't need the coordinates.I was referring to the moves on the notation,I'm not talking about the chess board itself.Since the last 10 moves are all bishop moves,they just form a nice text wall of the numbers and letters in the notation of each move.You can remove the coordinates on the board if you like happy.png 

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    I see. a geometrical structure :-)

    Question, did you also see what was possible between move 22 and 28?


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