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friends what exactly is x ray attack in chess and how is it different frm skewer

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    plzz help

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    In a skewer you attack the more valuable piece, which when it moves exposes the piece behind it to attack.

    In an x-ray you are attacking a piece through an opponents piece.




    The bishop is attacked twice - the white queen is performing an x-ray attack through the black queen.

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    A typical x-ray.

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    I prefer Wikipedia's explanation 


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    melvernboy wrote:

    why Qc5? Qd3 seemed to save the bishop.

    Don't forget the B2 pawn.

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    He's talking about the threat of back rank mate, which wasn't really the point. It was intended as a comparison, not a puzzle.

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    Sorry, my mistake. I don't know why I saw Qc3 instead of Qd3. Of course, you are right.

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    thank you so much friends

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    it was well explained in this thread: it's when your piece acts through an opponent's piece. It can be even a defensive tactic:





    Funny how in the videos on here most authors keep confusing the "x-ray" with the simple threat of a discovery or a pin.

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    hmm thanks a lot friends

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    This is a beautiful skewer :

    check out http://chesstrainerapp.blogspot.fr/2014/01/the-skewer.html for more.


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