Fritz 12


just got my copy sent to me(finally).

this is the first time i buy a chess software and i must say i am REALLY puzzled by this program. it seems really complicated. and ive been trying to find out for the last hour how to upload my games from pgn format) to let fritz analyze em. does anybody know how to do that? please help me, im going nuts :D


I use the older free version 5.32 to analyze my games. 


I have an older version...I think you just go to "load games' and choose the database, which would be your folder with the pgn games.  I might be wrong.  Be patient, you will find your way around it.  If you go to OPEN, choose DATABASE, then when the next screen appears, look up top for a symbol that looks like a folder opening...that allows you to select database from somewhere in you computer...hope that helps


Fritz isn't very user friendly, takes a while to get to grips with it. 


Heres what you do.

Download your games as PGN files from and save that file on your hard drive.

In Fritz click on the database button

When your database window opens click the circular button top left above the ribbon and the drop down will give you an "open" option.

The dialogue box that follows allows you to navigate to the location where you stored your PGN file, make sure you click the drop down list box at the bottom of the dialogue box that says "files of type" (one of the options is PGN)

Click to open your PGN

And now all of your games will be available in your database window for analysis etc in Fritx12

PS. I always save my PGN in the chessbase/database/work folder alongside my games against Fritz and other games I have entered manually from books and suchlike.

PPS. I know this is an old thread but someone might be looking it up in the future, it took me a while to figure this out so I thought I'd record it for others...




I am having the same problem with Fritz 12.  I have followed your instructions, but when I click 'Open' in the database window, no dialog box opens to allow me to navigate to a PGN file!  I have been working on this for about an hour.

Thanks for any additional help.




I want to send a pgn via email but I cant find the place where all the pgns are located...

I can open the pgns from fritz but how do I see the folder that contains the pgns without opening fritz?


If  you are having problems w/ software just turn off the lights ;

Drink a few Beers ;  ect.