Fritz 12


I just purchased Fritz 12 on Amazon. Does anyone with the software know if I made a worthwhile purchase? I gave up useing Chessmaster 10th edition since it freezes up a lot, and you need to insert the CD in the computer for it to run.


   AC - I have both, and use both quite extensively. When you get Fritz 12, Friend Mode is the way to start because it adapts to your playing strength and it only requires the CD at the very beginning. I have a "tool" that enables me not to use the CD for CM 10 (along wth other CD based games) so that helps.

   Any program from Chessbase (Fritz, Rybka, Shredder etc) is a great program to have and you did make a very good decision. I believe you get a one year Premium to as well, so you will be able to follow along with the tournaments that go on and kibitz them, analyze them and all that. It's definitely worth the money. Cool



Mark, thanks for your input. I needed some reasurance.Checking out tournament play is something I will certainly consider doing. Currently the vast data base of games by legendary players (in software) affords me a lot of enjoyment.Thanks again.