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Funny stuff that sore losers have told you

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    patzermike wrote:

    Someone once said to me "I almost had you,but I overlooked a detail.". I replied "In other words, we had a chess game."


    Sounds like you're bang on the money there Laughing

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    there is 1 particular bullet player who on losing (both times i played him) says "forever urs" except that he just uses the acronym.  sweet dude.

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    My favorite, after I beat him at blitz: "ok gay". DEVASTATING.

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    Titanium77 lost a game against me about a week ago.  Afterward I saw he had posted a comment on my profile; something to the effect of, "This guy is a weak player who runs away when he is losing." - even though I beat him!  Here's the game.

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    My favorite is "don't ever insult me by playing 1.h4 again!"

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    There is one player here who loves inversion. He leaves comments on other players pages which state the opposite case of the actual situation. He flogged me a few times and left a comment saying how strong I am. I find the same comments on players I can beat, but on players that have given me a good spanking his comments say how weak they are.

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    I played three blitz games against the same person yesterday. I won the first two and he won the third one. After he said "haha, I beat you and you're using an engine". I replied "yeah, you, and 1300 rated player, just beat Rybka. I'm very impressed".

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    WillyLuke wrote:

    A little gem in my profile: "hopefully you step on one tram into overdrive son of a bitch in heat" Some guys don't seem to understand that if they play e3-f3-Kf2 chances are I'm not gonna give them a rematch.

    I was cursed on Playchess after I won with 1.f3 2.Kf2 3.c3 4.Ke3 5.Kd3 6.Kc2 7.Qe1 8.Kd1.

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    rajarshibasu wrote:

    once a player after losing in a bullet once told me that he was drunk and so couldnt concentrate    


    That's my excuse as I play bullet twice per day: 4:00am while still in bed on the iPad and 10:00 pm after draining a bottle or two of wine. Wink

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    There should be a thread on cocky people who start trash talking after they beat you. This is equally loathsome...maybe more.

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    Had a guy tell me "I'm your daddy, and am screwing your mom!" - I yelled back "dad, why must you lay with mom while you play chess with me?!"

    no reply he just left lol

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    I got lot "you are using engines1!!" too. And then there are those who lose horribly but then win the remach and are overly cocky about that.

    Still, I think the best excuse I've heard was the guy who told me that he was having a blowjob while playing.

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    patzermike wrote:

    Someone once said to me "I almost had you,but I overlooked a detail.". I replied "In other words, we had a chess game."

    Doesn't sound like a sore loser.  That's usually why I'm afraid of entering complications and sacrificing sometimes.  It looks really good at first, blunder check, etc., but just beyond your horizon is a refutation that shores up the opponent's defense just leaving you down the exchange or a pawn in the end. 

    Then again it happened to Tal a lot (and sometimes the opponent even overlooks the shore up refutation!)  and he was world champion.

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    I once played someone who called me a lucky bitch after a score of 4.5:1.5 against him. I wasnt offended later though because I figured out he called everyone he had ever lost to a lucky bitch:]


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