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Future of chess.com

  • #1

    What things do you feel missing that should be in chess.com?

    Some yahoo women have entered the site


  • #2

    Very simplistic, perhaps, but I'd like to see a clock added to the page somewhere showing server time.

    They could then adjust all the Chess.com / TV schedules to server time and there wouldn't be a constant spate of people coming in late and complaining about how they've missed half a show.

  • #3

    I want a bettet app, a better and free server. Free videos, free tactics,free lessons, better mobile apps.

  • #4

    It's unrealistic to expect all that stuff for free. They are a business and have to make money somehow.

    I agree with the mobile app though. It can be very frustrating. I don't even bother playing Live chess on it anymore...too many losses due to bugs to make it worth using.


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