Gary Kasparov



Gary Kasparov as we all know is one of the all time greatest chess players.

Born in 1963 in the ancient port city of Baku in Azerbaijan on the west side of Caspio sea Gary at the age of 22 became the youngest world champion in the whole chess history. Kasparov held the title from 1985 to 2000 and even when he lost the world champion position his ELO rating has been the highest.

He his still one of the few humang beings still capable of compete (and win) with the best supercomputers or chess programs created on the XXI century.

Does anybody has news or knowledge of any other grandmaster involved in challenge of any kind with supercomputers or programs like Deep Junior those days?


vladamir kramnik played fritz few years ago try this link


Thanks Scottk,

I'll check out those matches in deep, even if at a first glance 2 losses for kramnik and 4 draw with frits looks a bit frightening for the "human being vs machine championship" after the Kasparov era will come to an end.........


as far as i know all games with humans and computers have been lost since kramniks draw


I hate how computers play chess.  In fact they don't really play chess at all. Playing a computer is like wrestling with a bulldozer.  It would be much more interesting if a computer could be made that could think like a human.


I totally agree with you, they are good for practicing,study tactics, and overall analysis of games past present and future so thay are a great tools on that matter... but it's so boring to play agains them.

Humans do it better ;-)

Even with the worst chess player there is more thrill to play than against any stupid machine

The great Bobby Fisher  also felt sick about computer games and always refused to play against them

satorichess wrote:

The great Bobby Fisher  also felt sick about computer games and always refused to play against them




it's not fear it's a different philosophy and approach to the game. You are talking about Bobby Fisher the world champion and one of the greatest chess player ever man... I love Gary Kasparov playing and his devotion towards computer study chess game but look at the games he played with deep blue or deep junior, look at the opening he is doing.

I mean it's just beat this machine you have to study for years to found a "hole" in the software and then playing like non chess game at all.... which is great for Gary and for us by the way as he is one of the few human pride defender against those brutal force cyborg.....  but it's somehow crazy if you think about it ;-)