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Getting Online Rating up

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    Hey all,

    I am trying to get my online rating up, but because very few people are making any moves, it is happening very slowly. I guess, because of many timeouts that I experienced last summer, I dropped quite a bit and now I am in the process to catching my rating back up to where it should be. Is it a good idea to start about 100 1 day per move games and just win the majority or is it a bad idea because the level of play will go down?

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    It's a good idea to play as much as you enjoy, and let the rating take care of itself.

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    well of course, but I want a good amount of games to play, and have the opportunity to get my rating up quickly

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    Well yea, but my rating is barely even going up.... because I am finishing maybe 1 game a month using that system 

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    It's probably just as good to play 50 rather than 100 but against slightly better opposition, and giving yourself more time.

    The more games you play, the less time you spend, so you're effectively lowering your rating against someone who could be spending an hour per move. I can't see your rating going up as quickly as a few higher rated games you focus on.

    More importantly, your chess wont improve as much blitzing out a load of moves rather than thinking about each position properly.

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    Ok, I think I exxagerated my first comment. I mean probably 20 games with 3 days per move time control :) 100 games in 1 day is too much, even for me lol :)

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    this doesn't sound like the most effective strategy.  The problem is that a loss will generally more than counter act a win.  For example, I have a game going against a guy rated about 100 pts lower than me. If I win i get 8 pts, if I lose I lose 16 pts.  right now with a game of equal rating i will gain/lose 12 pts for a win/loss. So, as your rating goes up, the value of each win diminishes and the value of a loss goes up.  Unless you can consistently beat players of a much higher ranking, this seems be a bad plan.

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    20 game at 3 days per move is better.  I personally find the best way to get points is to ask your opponent if he wants to play the game like it was OTB.  Even if you could play the first 20 moves like this it will speed things up a lot. Good Luck!

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    I play one game at a time, I play it very well, and then I move on.

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    thanks for the responses guys :)

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    Pawnpusher i started 40 games together recently, 10 1 day moves and 30 3 day moves. I find it beneficial, except its difficult to give enough attention to each game

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    tacos taste good when prepared authentically.

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    Well I just started about 20 games. I am winning or equal in all of them that I just started. :)

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    I guess you guys were right that if you play too many you can have some bad results. I already lost one game, but it seems I am doing pretty well in my others. Its hard to focus on all the games at once :)

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    i bet using an engine would help.  if seeing a high rating is your goal, go for it.

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    I am currently playing 17 games, and this is quite manageable. I still have time to study, but also enought time to make a plan for the "what-if-they-do-this" moments. I have my desk cluttered with the "blueprints" for each possible move.

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    I don't cheat ilikeflags

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    Yes, I'm down to 19 and I feel the same way

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    Pawnpusher3 wrote:

    I don't cheat ilikeflags

    you should if a high rating is your ultimate goal.

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    Yes, exactly Alex

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