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    Hello my lovelies. 

    So my chess sabbatical is at an end, and I return in triumph to the forums of chess.com hoping that they would be free of ravings about cheating, advertising and blitz-etiquette, a hope that has not been entirely disappointed. 

    My question is thus: Does anyone know where I can play/learn Go? I was taught the game this weekend just gone; I say taught, what I mean is 'stunned into whimpering submission by overwhelming complexity'. And that's only on a 9 x 9 board. What I would like is a website of comparable quality to chess.com, with all the support that would entail for the new player, and the opportunity to play against similarly green opponents. Does anyone play, and thus have suggestions of sites? 

    (oh dear – that’s even more of my spare time burnt on the alter of gaming L)

    Ta muchly,


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    This is what I found on a quick google search:



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