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Good chess regimen for beginners

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    letsgohome wrote:

    hi, I have just started playing one year ago. I mean just started playing before a year ago i didnt know how the pieces moved. But, look at my ratings i am in the 88th percentile in live standard and have ascertained a blitz rating of over 1200 (1240). I have 2 silvers( one i deleted) and a a bronze in blitz tourneys. The bronze came in a (1200

    1. 10-15 minutes or problems of tactical problems

    2. 2-3 blitz games

    3. 1 standard live game- real calucating and thorough planning; at this stage just think tactically, as you see improvements started thinkg more positionally. But dont make the transition to soon, since it will limit your creativity.

    4. 3 concurrent correspondent chess- 1 preferably chess960

    5. 1 standard game- no book openings- randomosity is key, but always have a plan or try and have a 4-5  move combination while simultaneuously negating any offensive attack by opponent. Also, you may try and work on sacrifices and pawn chains. 

    6. Always remeber  to try and be creative, once you get to the 1500 live standard, 1350 blitz and 1550-1650 online chess then try and read study as supplements to your praticial experience.  

    If you look through my archive i try to win fast, but i can also win a close game


    Just thought i would give back to the nice players on chess.com who have taught me so much

    very good ! keep it up

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    For a real beginner regimen:

    1.Agree with tactical studies.  Don't even bother signing into ChessTempo since you'll just get beginner problems whereas signing in gives you far more involved problems. 

    2.Study basic positional aspects such as weak pawns, squares, and color complexes, good vs. bad minor piece, when a knight is stronger than a rook (or, hell, even a bishop since I've looked at games where amazing knights on the sixth were traded for horrible bishops, made me sick), weak pawns on open files, and the bishop pair and what to do if you have it and when you don't. 

    3.Study basic plans and ideas associated with different center types.  If your pawns point to the kingside play there, if you have a c4+d5+e4 wedge and doubled c-pawns be very weary of the weak c5 square for instance.

    4.Study basic endgames and technique in general.

    5.Most of all study one thing for about a month but do tactical warm ups before studies.  For example, dedicate a month to pawn endgames, there's no need trying to learn everything at once. 

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    Did you read the thread I said studying happens in the intermediate stage not in the beginning stage. I have a above average IQ, thus I detect patterns quite well. But, the average person will probably take longer. Studying openings too early can be quite detrimental to one's process. For example studying advance calculus before studying the fundamentals will only overwhelm and overcomplicatd the issue. Thus, simplication is imperative and the realization that chess is not that hard is intrinsic.

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    The only difference between someone with a high and average IQ is that the higher is able to understand that nothing really is that complicated if you can realize all the variables and try to systemmatic put them together.  Everything in life has a pattern try and eliminate the red herrings and focus on finding out the problem then the solutio will come. 

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