good or bad



Do you think that that trade was worth it? Whose better after the trade, White or Black


Not worth it. Now white has one developed piece, versus black's three.


it is always bad to give up to pieces for one even though mathematically it is the same.

3+3=6 (knight and bishop)

5+1 =6(rook and pawn)

if black understands to coordinate knight and bishop they are more worth than the rook.

white only has one active piece, and black has 3 really active pieces

in this position I would prefer to play black.


Hmmm, White spends five moves in the opening to give up two of his developed pieces for a pawn and a Rook which has moved only once.  The better question is, "How could this be a good idea?"


There are always exceptions to general rules in chess, which is part of its beauty.  But in most cases, in the opening or middlegame it is more advantageous to have the pieces, which can swiftly mount an attack.  Rooks require more open lines to show their full strength, so as the endgame approaches the Rook will become more competitive and can even outplay the pieces if able to move freely about the board.


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