Good reasons to resign in a winning position: in memory of my cat Tiffy

torrubirubi wrote:
ponz111 wrote:

We have two dogs and it is much the same thing. They sleep with us. [actually they sleep mostly with my wife as i am up all night]

My wife is a nurse who often works long hours. When her car comes into our garage [which is attached to our house] both dogs hear this and respond immediately. Niko is right next to the door leading to the garage with his tail wagging furiously. Miko [the smaller dog] is running around barking his head off until my wife comes in the door.

 And she gives them much love and attention.

They are part of our family and we would cry much if one of them died.

We had once a car that loved to eat.  We bought a device with a timer so she could have three times per day cookies.  

Forget it!  In the night she removed the protection of the timer and turned the timer to get all cookies. 

Next day I constructed a Rather solid  box to protect the timer,  but no chance,  she was able to open it and turn the timer.

We gave up. 

you had a car that loved to eat cookies? LOL

The dam autocorrection: we had of course a cat who loved to eat. My car loves to drink.