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    Now wait a minute...

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    Well, it wasn't a boring game  Wink


    When you next go into computer chess, look on the bottom right corner of your monitor. Click on the java icon then Open Control Panel.

    Once this is open, use the bottom box where it says 'Settings'  - when that new box opens, click where it says 'delete files'.
    Then OK

    Once you've done this, refresh the page.

    Sometimes the java icon is turned off from appearing in the tray.  If you're running windows....

    start button/control panel/java/advanced/miscellaneous/check box "Place icon in system tray"

    Also try clearing your cache, and even your java cache. see:

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    I thought you might get a kick out of seeing that under the banner of, "we are working to improve!"

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    I had the amusing experience of playing 1. fxg8(Q) mate in my first game during the downtime. Cool

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    We're in the final stages now of bug testing. Hopefully if it all goes well, the vs computer issues will be fixed for you.

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    A piece with the power of a rook and a pawn....genius!

    brb, I'm off to the patent office

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