Grandmaster gave me the wrong advice

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    Seriously man, I will ignore you.  I really wonder what in life has led you to this point though.

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    I think I am going to sue ThrowThemInJail - I think a troll should be able to troll better than this.

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    There you go again thinking.

    Besides, trolls don't think

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    Unfortunately, without knowing what the grandmaster’s advice was and at what position the grandmaster gave you the advice, we can’t provide a clear-cut conclusion; too little information has been revealed about the situation. Plus, your claim is somewhat unclear. Did the grandmaster intentionally give you bad advice, or did he give you bad advice accidentally?

    There are several possibilities (more than I list). The grandmaster could have miscalculated something; the grandmaster could have given you bad advice purposefully(I doubt the grandmaster did this); you could have misinterpreted his advice. I suggest that next time someone gives you advice that is higher skilled than you, ask him/her “why?” Force him/her to tell you the reasoning for the suggested move.

    Even though your anger is understandable, in my opinion, filing a complaint to a judge would be quite frivolous of you.

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    nobodyreally wrote:
    Here_Is_Plenty wrote:

    Make another account, eh?  Good for you, you seem proficient at that one.  Hide behind anonymity.

    There is nothing anonymous about him. We all know him as:


    King of Trollers.

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