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guide pls

  • #1

    ths question is for those who uses laptop to acces ches.cm .i use pc. So i use mouse to play lightning fast Bulet games. Bt in laptop how do u guys play so fast bulets? ?

  • #2

    I use wireless mouse Smile. I dont like using the trackpads on laptops anyway.

  • #3

    i m going to buy a laptop.soon.so i m asking.may i get a wireles mouse for laptop.whats cost!

  • #4

    You don't have to get wireless mouse. You can also get a normal usb mouse so you won't need batteries all the time.

  • #5

    ya.thats a gud point.bt is there port in laptop to conenct a mouse.

  • #6

    thanx.guys.i m a master in p.c.bt zero in laptp.btnw i m going to buy an as i m readin computer enginering.


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