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help in "descriptive chess notation" :D

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    1  P-K4 P-K4 2 N-KB3 N-QB3

    B-N5 P-QR3 4 B-R4 N-B3 5  0-0 

    B-K2 6 R-K1 P-QN4 7-B-N3 P-Q3 

    8 P-B3 0-0 9 P-KR3 N-QR4 10 B-B2 

    P-B4 11 P-Q4 Q-B2 12 QN-Q2 N-B3 

    13 P-Q5(?)


    hi guys , please help me translating notation above into algebraic notation, i know that N-KB3 is Nf3,but how about QN-Q2 or R/1-KN1 or N/2xP ,  i don't know anymore where to ask , i ask some chess guys in my place n they run away i don't even know why XD ,please help me !! ,okie ^^v


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    QN-Q2. Is queenside knight to q2 or Nd2. KN1 is f1. Basically you have the piece letter (N=knight, B=bishop etc), then the name of the piece that starts on a file to signal it (e.g. Q is d file, K is e file) then the number is how many spaces from your back rank (K4 for white is e4, for black it's e5.)

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    Thank you so much mr. Scottrf i appreciate it so much Smile , sir i'm very sorry to bother you again, my last question 

    this is continuation of that game , i just wanna ask the last part  29 R/1-KN1 Laughing

    13...N-Q1 14 P-QR4 R-N1 15 P-B4 P-N5 16 K-R2 N-K1 17 P-N4 P-N3 18 R-KN1 P-B3 19 N-B1 N-B2 20 N-N3 N-N2 21 P-N3 B-Q2 22 B-K3 K-R1 23 Q-Q2 QR-K1 24 24 R-N2 Q-B1! 25 QR-R1? P-B4! 26 NPxP PxP 27 PxP NxP 28 NxN  BxN 29 R/1-KN1  R-KN1


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    It means the rook on the first rank goes to KN1 (g1). Presumably there's another rook on the g file that can go there too. The same way you may have N1f3 in algebraic if both knights can move to f3.

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    Thank you again mr.Scottrf Laughing !!!!!!

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    I was surprised PGN doesn't know descriptive notation. :D

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    they are "descriptive chess notations", usually found on old chess books ..Smile

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    Sydfhd wrote:

    What kind of notation is it? So weird.

    It was what everyone used until the 1970s. It has some advantages, such as; KB2/7 (f2, f7) are weak.

    Put your rook on the seventh rank. (Algebraic: or the second if you're black.)

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    Hah, believe me thats what people were saying about algebraic when it came out. 

    There are a couple of minor advantages to descriptive. For example, if you were discussing the merits of moving the side pawn to give your king "luft", in descriptive you just had to say "Move P-R3 to prevent a back rank mate." In algebraic, you have to say "Move either a3, h3, a6, or h6 to prevent a back rank mate."

    The other main advantage, and its a big one, Bobby Fischer's "My 60 memorable games" is only authentic in the original descriptive. The algebraic translation was a hack job that messed all of Bobb'y analysis up. Fortuntaly, I am bilingual, since descriptive is my "mother tongue".

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    yep xbigboy and Ubik42 are correct !!!!Laughing


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