help please


hi im a greeter here but a lot ofthe new players i meet in welcome games dont realize that turn based games arent supposed to be finished in one sitting every time i told them that the turn based games are slower and usually take a few days if not more to finish a game and that alot people have 50+ games and some on this site even get into the hundreds so it takes a while to move sometimes also that some people arent always online when a game starts or even get offline in the middle of games and if they wanted a faster paced game to finish in one sitting and a shorter time to move to try out's live chess and they just keep telling me to move  does anyone know a better way to get this throught to these people??


They need to learn by behavior not words. After say 10 moves tell them you have to go tuck your kids in and that you'll make your next move tomorrow. Come back two days later and play 10 more.

Cripes I'm playing this 14yr old girl with 233 games on the go!  


The opposite is true for me. I've only played like 9 real games out of 100 or so unrated games. Everyone basically runs out of time. All I want to do is greet people and play some chess :'(


yeah, I've been given probably 10 greeter games now and I have had only one game go on. They don't understand and run out of time.


Some people are just dumb, it can't always be helped. it's best to just ignore those people. I've only run into one person like this so far. but I've also only done 10 games so far.