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Help with starting an elementary school chess club

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    Hi, I'm starting a chess club at my sons elementary school. We are in need of 15 gently used chess sets. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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    I had a look on the web, kristi, and the New Hampshire Chess Association looks pretty active judging by their web site.  Couldn't do any harm e-mailing their scholastic people and asking if they know any organisation that could help or if they would be willing to circulate their membership asking if any individuals have unused sets hiding away in cupboards.

    Then there is a list of firms which sell sets at http://www.usefulchess.com/resources - you could try a begging letter to each asking whether they are willing to donate one (or more) of their excellent products to help get more potential future customers started on the game.

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    I cannot help you with sets, but I wrote some (free) software that might help you run your club: https://sites.google.com/site/fredm/

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    If you cannot find free chess sets your best bet online would probably be   wholesalechess.com

    They have reasonably priced chess sets for bulk orders that go down in price the more you order. They also sell different colored plastic chess pieces which could be good for kids...  Here's an example of the pricing structure for an Analysis chess set:

    Analysis Pieces & Board Set

    Price $6.99 $6.49 $5.99 $5.69


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    What did you end up getting?  I am also trying to get 10-15 chess sets for a chess club at an elementary school.  I need something durable and inexpensive (since I will be donating it to school).


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