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I've heard a rumor that there are 7 million former online poker players suddenly looking for a new home. 




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I wonder if they are selling their userlist to scrounge money for legal fees?


Huh? The FBI shut down the sites?



Interestingly enough the online poker ads are still here.


Another example of goverment controlling our lives!!!!!!!! Soon we will have to get the proper paper work to take a pee, or even dieWink


So if I forget the sign my death authorization application . . . ?


Yes, the major online sites (PokerStars, FullTilt and Absolute/Ultimate Bet) have been forced to refuse US players (they are not shut down). Although, cashouts are being processed so most poker players can breathe a sigh of relief there. 

Online poker is also not illegal for the players themselves and it never was. The illegal part is the processing of money to and from the sites on the behalf of the operating company. The UIGEA is responsible for this. It was attached to the Safe Port Act in 2006 and as such, rushed through the House and Senate. Unlike good software developers debugging a program, the government attached a multitude of unrelated bills and asks its members to vote on the mess as if only one question was being asked.

Imagine that you're being asked to cast one vote that would pass or fail all of these acts at once:

Kitty Protection 

Freedom for Public Urination

Catch Bad Guys

Save the Children 

How much sense does this make? Now, if you pass it, you're in favor of public urination. If you don't, then you hate children and don't want to catch bad guys. The whole process is idiotic and also corrupt. The main sponsors of the UIGEA were from the casino lobby, which wanted to ensure its dominance by destroying online poker - at least until they had their own version. 

To me, it seems absurd that the government should interfere with what game people choose to play in their own time and with their own money. I started a t $.01/.02 and through study and experience, managed to get quite far in poker but of course, the government is destroying every last liberty we stil have left. Luckily, Bodog is still accepting US players and I can play HUSNGs there. However, this never should have happened and now, many people have lost their livelihood. In fact, a good portion of chess masters were supplementing or living off online poker. IM Greg Shahade (curtains) comes to mind as he also makes free chess videos and donates a lot to charity (he might regret that now).

exigentsky wrote:

the government is destroying every last liberty we stil have left.

   !         They're getting there.


"I like to have an order of fried chicken."

"Sure, just sign these forms."