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    how did you get my 126.00 when i never agreed to it . Im on welfare and want my money back now or i wilo go viral with this ..thieves you are there should be a lawmagainst your way of stealing money..I wonder how2 many people you have ripped off


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    Did you actually read the agreement?
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     I would've never guessed you were on welfare.... your writing skills are superb.

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    trial means try not buy

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    it should read first month free then we automatically bill you when we can get access to your money aND WE WILL KEEP TRYING UNTIL; WE GET IT HARSH MAN HARSH..

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    I agree that it's a sleazy practice, but many businesses do it.

    Caveat emptor...

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    Which is why it states thsi:

    Also, please remember...

    • If you cancel the free trial before it ends, you aren't charged anything
    • If you forget to cancel in that time-frame, there is still a full money-back guarantee for 30 days. This provides lots of time (risk-free) to decide if premium membership is right for you.

    Out in a support ticket and they will refund your money - if it is truly as you say.

    You're being a jerk for something that is your fault.

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     You've been a paying member since September of last year. If it took you over a year to realize you're being charged, that doesn't make the site thieves. That makes you incompetent. Like Rsava said, they inform you when you sign up that you need to cancel the trial or you will be charged automatically.

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    Initial symptoms of trollicitis.

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    I'll help you get your money back, just post your card number, expiration date and the security code on the back.  You know you can trust us, we're all fellow chess players who would never take advantage of you by signing up for the Black Friday annual subscription deal at barelylegalfetishporn.com. 

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    On welfare and paying to play chess? Sometimes I think it's possible, just maybe possible, that good decision making is a big part of success in life.


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