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How can a 1 minute game last for 3 minutes???

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    Probably LAG, or you saw the clock at 3:43:59 or something.

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    StrategicPlay wrote:

    I recently played a 1|0 Bullet game (less than five minutes back) and just simply glanced on the time on my laptop. It said 3:43 PM (and I know it just went to 3:43, not that I saw it on the 59th second). I sent out a seek, it got accepted within less than 7 seconds and we started. At the end, I won on time and I had about 5 seconds left on the clock. But when I instantly looked back at my laptop time, it said 3:46 PM. 

    So how is this possible? Is this some kind of bug? A time-delay bug? 

    Yeah.  blitz and bullet games on chess.com always had a slower feel to me than when I used to play on other sites.  There is definitely lag between moves that's enough to notice drag the game out.

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    I grew quite tired of people here saying "Oh, maybe you read the time wrong", so to back up ol' StrategicPlay here, I went onto Live Chess, started a 1 min game as white, made my first move and started timing with my stopwatch as soon as I let go of the mouse button.  After I lost on time, and my opponent still had no more than 5 seconds to go, I quickly stopped timing.  The time reads - 2:32mins.

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    That was what happened with me too. 

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    I dont think it matters unless you have signed up for a tournament which was starting in 3 minutes.

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    You're right there, kyle.

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    SP the first move lags...For example,if you waited 20sec to make you first move the opponent does the same...it would be possible to be a 3 min game since 1+1=2 + delayed movement

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    How can a 1 minute game last for 3 minutes???

    Ever listen to a Joe Biden speech?

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    Estragon wrote:
    How can a 1 minute game last for 3 minutes???

    Ever listen to a Joe Biden speech?

    Nope, never heard of him.

    But I guess he doesn't play chess. Tongue Out

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    It's surely LAG

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    Foolish talk by foolish attaintion seekers.

    Why u time-pass, better to play chess.


    And for The ST, play with me .....I will beat u in any type of time controlle 

    can beat ur foolish friend Abhijit Lashi (Mashi, Kashi.....wtever) any time any where in any time controlle.

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                 It was played in  S..L..O...W....... M...O..T...I...O....N.......

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    You used 55 seconds of your time (since you had 5 seconds left) and your opponent used a full minute. So that's a minute 55 seconds. You also noted that you found an opponent 7 seconds later, which added up will be 2 minutes 2 seconds. Another thing about live chess is that the clock starts ticking after each player made their first move, so that takes up less than 5 seconds too.

    So, I'm suspecting that your laptop time when you looked at it for the first time is 3:43:50+. So it would logical if the time at the end is 3:46:00+


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