Kyle Wlodarczyk
New York State, United States
Dec 23, 2010
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Mar 31, 2016

*Please tell me if I made any mistake linking. Thanks!

I am only accepting group invites if I can become an admin/super admin, which I would be good one, I promise! Just look here:

I am the founder of nine great groups called

Poland's FINEST

Time Keepers

The Lords

The International World Chess Team (IWCT) 

IWCT Admins' Group

The Great Chess Trio!

Kgwkyle's Knight Kingdom

Sci Fi Fans


and I am also a Superadmin of them, and of

Maya's Team

Young Bloods

Once Upon A Time

The Rolling Stones Chess Club

Live Chess Teams


the punishers

and am an admin of


Total Random Team

Total Random Team Admins' Exclusive Group

The Optimum




Got Chess?

< < < < Robotic Chess > > > >

> > Utsukushii Sakura < <

Friends Of All The World

The Baseball Fans of Chess

Chess is fun!


The Antiochis Tribe

There are many other great groups that I belong to, but this one was created by a good friend of mine, neeneeboo,  and it is for all fans of Star Wars, which we know there are LOTS of them!

Star Wars

Try challenging me or my groups! I love chess. I like to play live tournaments on here. My dad, wlodarcg, taught me to play chess at a very young age, and he is the reason that I am very good at it and why I love it! I play trombone, I LOVE IT, and am one of the best in my age group in the region/county. I play baseball and I love to ski. I also play pingpong, and was taught by my dad and a man who used to be highly ranked in USA. I also love to ride my bike around! I read a lot. I love classic rock. I am 50% Polish, but I was born in America, and I live in NY State, USA. And by the way, I have referred more players than the website says that I have(: 


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