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How Could you End This Game?

  • #1

    The "coffin"...
    White's protection of his King is quite impressive, but what were happen if that's all he did? 
    That was a sad game for white, yet he could have done something differently... How would you end this game so that white could win (fairly)? I want to hear from you!

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    Blunders of every kind of Earth.

    But the one that puzzles me the most : why didn't White take that bishop on move 27 ???

  • #3

    i'd have a shot at 23.Bh3 Rdg8 24.f3

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    it seems that last moves`ve been played in time pressure. for example: 21. ... Bc3? 22.b.c! R.c 23.Bb2

    or before that: 22. ... 0-o-0? 23.Bh3 Rdg8 24.f3! takes one rook.

    and we know that Bh3 is also playable for some of next moves.

    and before these: black had chances when : 19.Nd1 0-o-0! followed by Rdh8 or Rdg8.

    i think white was wrong by playing 12.h3? .he should have attacked to centre by  12.e4 to free his black bishop or 12.c4 to make queenside undesirable for black to castle. 

  • #5

    did he even play the opening correct?  even with white squared bishop he had white square weakness. i know its probably a totally correct opening but for a patzer it looks totally incorrect.

  • #6

    What was the time control? o.0

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    Thanks for all the comments, but how would you end the game? SmileAlso, this was not a timed game; for the records, this was not even a real game. I just slaped it together... thus all the blunders.  I used all the knowledge that I had... and hoped for the best!


    Irontiger~ I didn't see that move. Thanks for pointing that out!


    Sonofthemorninglight~ That's an interesting way to getting to the end  game!


    shukh~ nice set of moves, I was not playing under the pressure of a clock. I made this game up, and I wanted to know what one should do about white’s protection of his king...


    Tetsuoshima: Even if it was a bad opening, I still think that black had the advantage in developing more.


    C-nack~ I was not playing under the pressure of time, I simply slapped this game together and was wondering how could black loose/ white win. 


     Thanks for the comments!






  • #8

    misunderstood you, yes i ment white played bad

  • #9

    yes it really is an endgame after 23.Bh3


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