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How do I coach on this site?

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    If someone wants me to give them chess coaching how do I use chess.com to do this? [someone has asked me so I have offered it for free]

    What do I do? I am totally lost as to how I should do this.

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    I meant technically. I am NOt meaning how I should coach the openings etc . Just saying.

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    You can ab le to teach your Students because you is an Diamond member !It is an highest membership here!So It gives you unlimited acess!

    You may teach your Students by acessing analysis board !Go to live chess and You see Time control and down of it start game click on the time control and You See last analysis board and acess it and After ac essing it and Invite your Student There and giv e him control and Start teaching

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    looks like guru beat me to it

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    OK! That sounds good.

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    38 years of human life. Um. Not brought up with techn ology.

    What exactly do I do? Can someone put it in order in steps?

    I get a game and go to live chess and I don't see what to do next.

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    Here is a good tutorial : http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YSu_oPbXa-Y

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    Um. OK. Firefox is not lettin gme watch that video for some reason.

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    I've worked out how to get the analysis board up in live chess. But how do I invite anyone to also watch what I am doing?  I don't see any way of doing this?

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    I don't seem to be able to take back an analysis board move or move for the other side??

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    Try searching for Using Chess.com's Analysis Board at youtube. For inviting friend you need too look at the friends tab i think

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    I will have to log back in with chrome. firefox might be causing issues with coaching set ups/

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    I still don't see the message "you own the board" or the invite options come up. 

    I've done what's in Danny's video up to this pt. So why aren't I getting what he has got on the youtube video at about 2:50?

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    Because He may be logged out


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