How do I continue to believe in myself.

pdve wrote:

I don't understand master games. I play too much blitz. Not enough OTB. I am terrible at chess. How do I plough on?

Develop a study plan.  Memorize as many tactical motifs as possible: they help you see the board better.  You should do tactics problems, daily if possible even if it's only for 15 minutes, here or at places like chesstempo. And after solving, go back and tell yourself WHICH tactics were involved (then check the TAGS listed with the problem) and try to understand why it took so long to see them. You should slowly learn and be able to demonstrate every tactic on these interactive pages:

As Martin Weteschnik says in his very excellent Chess Tactics from Scratch, 2nd Ed. (c.2012) (pp. 16-23):  "Solving tactical puzzles without fully understanding the underlying mechanisms is not the most efficient way to learn. Instead you must first understand the elements of combinations....[the patterns] might look...trivial...but might turn up in complicated situations. Only if you know these simple patterns by heart will you be able to recognize them in very difficult situations. Have you ever lost due to an unforeseen [tactic]? [From such] games,...put the positions on a board and try to figure out why these [tactics] came as surprises.  Don't be satisfied with just being able to pinpoint the exact mistakes. Always try to understand the underlying causes of your defeats."

As far as game planning goes, I recommend Chessmaster Fred Wilson’s 4 principles from his excellent book Simple Attacking Plans where the 4 principles are demonstrated by 36 annotated games.  Considering these principles has often pointed me toward a solid plan:

I have come to believe there are only four essential, even primitive, concepts which you must learn and understand in order to play successful, attacking chess - Fred Wilson

  1. In the opening, whenever justified, relentlessly attack the weak squares f7 or f2.
  2. Most successful kingside attacks are directed against the squares h7 or h2, and they are often preceded by eliminating or driving off its defender. Corollary: most successful attacks require a long queen move.
  3. If your opponent’s king is trapped in the center, make every reasonable effort to open and dominate the e-file, and sometimes the d-file also.
  4. If possible, point all your pieces at your opponent’s king.

Believing in yourself will always keep you weak. Join the Zurich 1953 Cult and believe in The Higher Power!


And spend a lot more time studying than developing a Study Plan. wink.png


there is so much in what makes a chess player , its not only knowing the moves , its you alone who will be tested in your ability by another , you may be cautious , you may be adventurous , but you will be you ,

there is nothing left to believe in ,in the heat of a chess game ,but yourself , granted you may have lines memorized by study to help you , but they can only help so much ,


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woollensock wrote:
Just mix a some catnip in your breakfast cereal, this will boost your ratings, thus making it possible to obtain the title of GM .

I had a cat that would jump all the way up to the top of the refrigerator in order to steal a joint. She would take it under the bed, rip it to pieces, and eat the bits.

Catnip for REAL cats.


get a dog , your stash wont get catnapped


How do I continue to believe in myself.

Just know that no one else will. 


set very low goals and you probably won't be disappointed.


Really? Sorry but to think that you might become a GM is just ridiculous. No sports person takes up a sport thinking: "hey, soon I will win the Olympics." and you seem average which is all you can hope for. Even the greatest chess player of all time could be beaten by someone else. That person just never played chess. Or never bothered with being a GM. Just relax and enjoy your game. People always get frustrated when they get as far as they will go. You will find that from now on you will win around 50% of the games you play. Be thankful that you are in the top 15% not the bottom 15%


By thinking you can


Marky speaks good sense.

And btw there's a YT video of a cat who retrieves hackysacks from the tops of fridges.


Incidentally OP, not a real good sign that you have to ask others how to believe in yourself...


well pushwood sometimes it is better than driving yourself insane. i mean i really do wanna get better but I don't have the vision skills.


we can all see whats coming , mostly this is down to experience , you gotta get that vision by always remembering why you lost in that position previously , its nothing to hard to do , listen to your gut if it goes this is dodgy, don't go there , if it thinks I can beat this this time give it a go


May not be too hard (but it is rather time-consuming). happy.png