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How do I make a conditional move in daily chess?

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     Thanks Toire.( I don't even know how I bumped into this home page.  Lots to learn here)

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    Jenium wrote:
    TimmInMinn wrote:

    this sounds not much less than using an engine to play your opponent. it should be another category and your opponent should be able to make the same number of 'conditional' moves. you will nvr convince me this ACTUALLY makes you stronger. I am new to learning this game. It sounds like this, though: "if I hit 10 shots from the tee box, select the best, swing 10 more, and so on, but my opponent may only take one swing" ...yes, I WILL shoot a 52 (e.g., gain a rating of 2800), and I win! BFD I don't get it. and this is straight up?

    I literally understood only 5% of this text.

    lol @ Jenium.   I should use more capital letters and maybe try that paragraph thing.  then I could write good!

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    Without any doubt.


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