How do I quit Chess?


What's good in Turkey? Other than Shawarma?


                                          You quit chess like a slow Turkey.happy.png                                                                                      Continue to play chess while taking Chantix.....ease on into it.


I think I've quit chess like 6 times.  I played as a kid in the 90s with my sisters (as most siblings played board games and card games before the internet) but middle school is where I got serious.  6th grade and 7th grade then quit, then 11th grade then quit, then college then quit, twice in college I think, then went to Spain, learned Spanish, went to a chess club in Spain for a little bit, then came back to the USA then quit.  Now I've been pretty consistent the past few years.  My USCF rating is only mid 1600s but my tactics rating on is 2200.  I realized all the quitting and my tournament history...I haven't even played 100 tournaments in 22 years since I started tournaments.  Plus I've been in 1600 limbo for a decade.  Also has to do with availability with working on the weekends, I cannot commit to a full weekend tournament.