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how do they move so fast

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    I've been watching GM's playing on internet short 3min games and I noticed when it comes to last few seconds, the speed and the movement of chess pieces is almost beyond human. No matter how fast I can try, for me it's just impossible to move this fast. Do they use some special software? What do they initiate moves with, mouse? keyboard? It looks like chess martial arts towards the end :) 

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    I agree Vil, I play 3 min blitz games on an iPad, and have to make 3 touches to completed a move: touch the piece, touch the destination, touch 'submit' (I know I could eliminate 'submit', but I need it otherwise I make too many wrong moves). I've been beaten on time when I've had >30/40 secs left vs. my oponent's <10 secs. I feel a bt cheated when I lose in those circumstances.

    How do you play that fast??

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    Fast time controls require a very good mouse, a great internet connection with no lag at all, and (if allowed) premoves. Forget everything else.

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    Are premoves allowed here?

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    You can just hoover the piece on the destination square. Then you release the mouse button, unless it's a real blunder. It takes a few seconds to make another move, but for a piece it can be worth it.


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