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How do you move to strategy from tactics?

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    I too am a Catholic Borg but as I studied the bible I realized that their teachings and practices were far from the truth. Their dogma seems man made reasoning and personal interpretations. I am not being cynical but I think it is important to know the real truth. Life here is temporal, let us look forward to eternity and make sure we are in the right direction. All intentions are good but the path of direction we choose is very important because it will surely lead us to a certain destination. Happy spiritual trip Borg, read your bible.

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    Hi Hluek, seems you're not connected with chess.com now a days.  Hope you are fine.

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    Hi Hluek, hope you tune in again with new topics.

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    Hi armhow,



    Only 14 yrs to go!

    Chess helps me reason.

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    Hi there Hluek.  Good to hear from you again.

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    How's ur chess?

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    I am quite busy right now with business. I just watch chess games from different players, don't want to stress so much now a days.  It's good to see you active again in your chess Hluek, I thought I have loss a friend.

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    I'm glas ur life is going well arnhow. Live long and be happy!

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    Thanks Hluek, I thought I'll lose playing chess again.  I became quite rusty but to my surprise when I am not drunk, I beat a lot of 1500 players and above. Wow, some kind of improvement after watching Adolf Anderssen, Paul Morphy and Netmetzdinov kind of games. It helps learning their tactics a lot.  Their system in my perspective are quite similar. It goes like these: develop your position to limit opponents ability to manuever and attack, attack even when you have two minot pieces left as long as you mate the other king.

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    Development is one of the most important lessons I'm learning armhow.


    How do you (in general terms) limit your oponent's ability to move/attack?

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    Well as I have observed from these great players, all they did was to develop first their minor pieces than their adversary during the opening salvo of the game.  These are by anticipating opponent's next move through pinning, gaining more space, and bringing their pieces closer to their adversary king. They make sure that they have active and well positioned minor pieces and that is when their queen takes part.  Generally they seem to enforced their opponent to do forced movements that would give them the opportunity to launch a coordinated attack in mating their enemy's king.  It not quite easy and requires some critical thinking. It may not well be good in a blitz game I guess but practice makes it perfect. Watch Adolf Anderssen best games and Paul Morphy. It improved my play in chess.

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    Watch my newest blog hluek, I adopted paul morphy style of game. Inhibit opponents minor pieces from being active and make all you pieces active.

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    Thanks armhow, Development of minor pieces? You cant mean just pawns, so I guess pawns and knights and bishops.

    THere is castling as well.

    Generally I heard the queen shoud be developed late, so you advise Q and rooks late. (that conflicts with castling??)

    As you know I've been testig  blitzkreig  (fast opening attack on their king) which can only work if the enemy doesn't know it.


    In Germany's Blitzkreig on Poland in 1939, there was an adequate Polish defence against it which might have hurt Germany (P fell back behind a defensive barrier) but Russia then attacked them which they hadn't exepcted, because they had insufficient comprehension of the world  (high/complex strategy) although if their intelligence services were active they would know Geremany & Russia had made an agreement to do that.

    There are several blitkreig opens like this which were thrown out decades ago, as easy to defend against and give the opponent an advantage eg 4 move checkmate. One is getting developed more (disguished as 4 move checkmate).

    I agree it's best to force moves. that is the ideal game, and it is good to force psychologies by knowing the oponent. We look to find the chess mind. And also for the perect game. Depends what your interest in chess is.ie mechanics or psychology.

    I try to understand oponent's minds and discover my own thinking weaknesses. I am .relatively new to logical linear reasoning, and chess has this helped enormously.

    Have you won 10 games since?

    Good to return to chess as a training school now and then.

    I see parallel's with military strategy: intelligence, tactics, strategy, surprize, leverage, misdirects, deception, camoflage, technique.

    Improving thinking skills for everyone would lead to world peace IMO, and from there we can advance to immortality medicine, and wealth for all.

    Gopod hunting!

    I hope you are happy in your work.

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    Thanks Hluek, Yes i am happy.  I have a lot of people working under me, so I have enough time to enjoy chess.  I never won 10 games again Hluek but I think I have improved knowing that I was really drunk when I beat 1500 hundred rated players.  Guess what I have gained. I reached back 1500 ratings again. I plan to hit 1600 ratings.  Enjoy your chess life Hluek.  Good luck and God bless.

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    Played again chess Hluek, I thought I have improved but it seems I committed blunder after blunder. I realized my level of playing is still the same. How about you?

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    Great armhow.

    It is amazing how state of mind is important to play.


    Maybe there are many different types of Intelligence eg chess/business.


    the greatest warrior conquers himself. My aim is to like everyone and understand everyone.

    I developed a strategy for 1200-1300 which seems good enough, though doesn't work for 700-1000. I dont know chess yet & I am at the end of my life!

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    Man, don't talk like that hluek. Enjoy your life cause you deserve it. It is a gift from God. Nor do you worry about anything but in everything give thanks to God for it is His will. Enjoy your passion and share your wisdom. Can you share your strat with me. I will honor it.

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    Hi Hluek, you must be busy now a days.

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    THganks armhow. I dont fear death at all. It's metamorphosis. Change into some other being for me...heaven for you...cybourg for me! So I meant I was near the end of my human existance.


    But I was looking for a hieracrchy of rule/principles on tactics.

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    Nice to hear from you again Hluek.  Can you share your tactics with me?  I will appreciate it very much.  Right now I am tracking articles of IM Silman.  It is quite instructive and worth reading.  His principle is, with constant practice and learnings, one can reach to a point where one realized it's improvement.  It has to do with the subconsciousness.  Intuition and reflex that automatically will give a wining edge against your opponent.


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