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How do you place your knights on the chess board?

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    I usually face them forward, but I really don't care which way they face.

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    Well ,facing forward as putting the queen and king on their backs requires balance.....u should see these suckers go!

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    Diagonally facing inwards. King knight eyes the g1/a7 diagonal and queen knight eyes the b1/h7 diagonal.

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    I always have my knights facing towards the left over the board because that is the orientation used by the computer software (ChessX) I study with.

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    I feel like I'm in a time warp!

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    Cheers goldendog, a golden retrieval there. I have the knights facing backwards, so that they can look back on my old forum posts.

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    It only just now occurred to me that people place their Knights differently :O

    I point them forward I think, though in game the direction changes.

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    QN points to right and KN point to left, or facing each other at the start of game. I never touch my opponents pieces, only in event of capture, I think it rude.

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    Knights begin facing the King to whom they are loyal.  Subsequent moving will usually scramble this, but if they turn their backs on their King in the beginning, they should be sent to the dungeon.

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    between the bishops and the rooks?  :)

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    Facing toward the king and queen.

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    I like them on d5 and f5

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    Does how mean where in the USA Beardogjones?

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    So if you look at the boards, where would you want them to be.

    NOTE: 2nd rank Knights 1st rank KNihgts and Knights on the edges were not looked at because unless you are opeing a line for anoher piece, take a piece or setting up an attack or tactic, they are mostly defensive or inactive on those points.

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    Wow. Perhaps next time I will look at the OP before posting LMFAO.

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    vengence69 wrote:

    Wow. Perhaps next time I will look at the OP before posting LMFAO.

    That sounds like a lot of trouble.


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