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how does a chess player know when he hits his peak

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    So I suppose if a player could play 5 games simultaneously blindfolded they'd think he's a freakin Messiah.

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    I did that in college and one guy cheated. They didn't call me a messiah, they asked me what I was going to do with that big fat butt.

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    When I've played players blind they wouldn't cheat on purpose (I don't think it was on purpose), they'd often just mess up calling the move right so I just decided to always have a 3rd person there to verify the moves. I've never been able to understand how players looking at the board can say b5 when they mean b4. Or many other examples, over & over! I've just come to realise that there are a lot of retarded people in the world that were never labeled that by the schools. The schools HAD to be dumbed down or else...... Y'all know what I mean, the ACHIEVEMENT GAP. Hey, they have to be pushed on to the next grade because if too high a % are held back they'll just act primitive & riot. So the school system just has to do what it has to do: graduate retarded people that can't call out chess moves correctly even when it's right there in front of them.

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    During the schools national championships, we used to play each other blindfolded while traveling on the bus. Who needs a magnetic set ? Well of course we didn't need blindfolds, there were no pieces for miles.

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    superking500 wrote:
    TheMushroomDealer wrote:

    capablanca is amazing, but he wouldn't even be in the top 100 if he played today, thats a sad truth i know....


    I seriously hope you realise you're joking!

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    A chess player has plateaued if they solved chess.

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    Computers have already plateaued, then

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    When he forgets how to get to the board...

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    superking500 wrote:

    for example


    say someone is rated 2650....when does a chessplayer realize that this 2650 could be the best rating he will get, and that he will never hit 2700...>>

    Possibly, the first time you are ever pleased with your chess ability.


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