How does one improve in Blitz?

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    After returning to Chess a few months ago after a year hiatus, I'm curious as to how one improves their Blitz game? I've been able to improve in long games (IE 30+ Min games), but I've struggled to improve in Blitz, and with a Blitz tournament coming up, I'd like to try and train a bit.

    Any suggestions? 

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    AnonymousP, playing long game is good but analysis it is even better.  Then you will know why the move was made.  Have better understanding of the position.  That is how i improved my bullet.  But these things take time.  Anyway, you also can do tactics at here or chess tempo.

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    The way to improve at blitz is the same as the way to improve in classical time controls: Study tactics tactics tactics, work on your endgame, and practice at the time control you want to excel in.

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