How much do chess commentators, coaches and seconds make for their work?


Watching the U.S. chess championship, I noticed a lot of the professional players have coaches and teams to help them. Maurice Ashley actually mentioned that a coach or mentor was necessary to take years off your journey to GM. It seems quite expensive considering what good coaches cost just for average players. I'm sure GM strength players have to find the strongest coaches in the country to help them.

Probably no one knows, I could guess the coaches make a few hundred dollars an hour. The commentators like Yasser and Maurice probably make thousands per appearance. The seconds and the people on team Magnus for the championship defense, I would not even have a guess. I asked a GM one time on a twitch stream and he said it was very expensive to hire a team like those Magnus and Caruana have. 


I think the hourly rate is probably lower than "normal" coaching because they are more or less expected to work full time.  So a week's seconding work is probably comparable to the prize a player of that level could expect to take from a week long tournament (probably more for a 2700 second than a 2500 second).  There are other factors though - you're guaranteed a wage from seconding, not so much from a tournament.  I also suspect a lot of players would jump at the chance to work with Magnus, just for the experience.  The rumour was that Karjakin spent half a million on preparing to meet Magnus...

MrDodgy wrote:

 The rumour was that Karjakin spent half a million on preparing to meet Magnus...

That is incredible. At least preparation like that does have benefits. Look at the run Caruana went on after his preparation for the candidates tournament. 

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wouldnt you desire to become a master, like everyone else asking similar?

I was just asking out of curiosity. I know I will never make a dime at any of the 


Well you can get 1 hour lessons with a lot of titled players at 20 dollars but it would probably be more expensive for a top level coach (famous ones are 100 dollars an hour though that doesn't insure that they are better


My current fee is 50 dollars per hour.