How much have you improved?


I am a virgin so I do not have a united states chess federation rating - if I have a uscf rating of 10 million maybe I am not a virgin and maybe I am NOT A NEWBIE - but since I am an old dinasour and played chess since I was 12 years old I could probably give a real newbie ?  a good game maybe I posted wrong forum but a guy said somewhere he is ranked such and such USCF SOMETHING and he SAYS HE IS A NEWBIE come on bull hit but cows do it better how would a so called NEWBIE even know about the UNITED STATES CHESS FEDERATION let alone have a ranking ? a newbie never played chess - well to get a ranking by uscf do you not have to have played at least ONE game to analyse your skill?

Daily 1000-1600
Blitz 1000-1750
Bullet 900-1700
Fide 1200-1800
I have been a member since 2014

June 2016:

Bullet: 800.

Jan 2017: Bullet 1800

August 2018: Bullet 2200