How much money have you spent on chess?


@EgS: $40k plus? man, I thought I was a junkie...


If you live in the US and regularly play in weekend tournaments for 30+ years,  $40,000 is fairly conservative. Smallish numbers($225/tournament) spent repeatedly over time add up.

I'd wager many people who have been playing that long have spent that much, but would  estimate much lower. Hotels and entry fee and travel are not free.


I'm probably around $100 in site memberships, coaching, videos so far this year. That's like $25/ month and chess has  entertained me for many hours. I find it to be a very affordable hobby, but it can add up. Especially with coaching and tournament expenses. I have not ever played in tournaments, but the expenses if you don't live in an area offering regular tournaments would add up quickly. 


I’ve spent nothing on chess online, but books and computer programs have cost a little. Picture any other pastime (going to bars, movies, gambling, skiing, riding horses, golf...etc) everything is much more expensive than chess. I consider any money spent on chess as negligible UNLESS you want to keep a breakneck schedule of regional Tournaments. THEN, you must factor in costs. 


Probably close to $400 on memberships now, but at least made half of that back thanks to my youtube channel haha