How much money would you earn if you played chess professionally


 What is the difference between a pizza and a GM?

pizza can feed a family of four. happy.png


How long is a piece of string?


Wow... people who think GMs are broke...


NONE-  IF i played chess professionally I would owe money - I friend of mine said he had a friend who about 25 years ago lived breathed chess - dreamed of playing chess professionallay - after he played and won money and QUIT - he said chess people are the most boring narrow minded people that ever walked the earth ( and he was a NERD ) - he later became a super computer programmer for a large firm 


EOGuel, perhaps you should read Danny Gormally's autobiography ...


BonTheCat wrote:

EOGuel, perhaps you should read Danny Gormally's autobiography ...


And perhaps you should look up Magnus Carlsen's net worth...


Magnus is not a typical GM. He is the 'best of the best'.

typical GMs are nowhere near as financially successful as him.


I won 1k dollars at a tournament and have enough trophies to gain me hundreds of dollars



I can only think of one that makes a considerable amount of endorsement money.. not by winning tournaments. I think his name is Magnus Gnarlson

Also Hikaru makes quite a bit of money by sponsoring Red Bull. I think the top 10 in the world, all amke at least 100k a year. Magnus makes at least a million though- mainly from world champ matches (every 2 years i think) and sponsorships.