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How much of alcohol is good for chess to play good.

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    I remember, some 20+ years ago, watching a certain Canadian IM win an important last round game against another master. There was a terrific time scramble, and the IM was taking discreet pulls from a bottle of clear liquid. I could smell the alcohol, but didn't think he was a drinker. A few days later I asked him about it, and he said he had taken to strategically sipping vodka on the advice of the legendary Igor Ivanov. He explained that the first few sips helped him relax and stay calm at critical moments during the game. Whatever works, I guess

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    Might help you relax, but it will cause tunnel vision which won't really help when calculating tactical variations

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    No amount of alcohol is helpful with playing chess.


    If someone successfully uses it to play better then he is an alcoholic who tries to maintain a low alcohol level in order to not have withdrawal symptoms.

    Alcoholism is a serious problem in Russia, they are by far the #1 country for alcohol abuse and the results are not pretty.

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    I can't find the link anymore, but I recall reading an account, written by one of the players, of a shot-glass chess game between an amateur and a master.

    Naturally the master dominated at first, but since he had to drink the pieces he captured, he quickly got soused and started to blunder.  The white glasses contained scotch, and the black glasses had vodka.  The master's impaired state allowed the amateur to catch up and then get ahead in material, after which both players were well plastered.

    One of them had been notating the game, but the next day it was discovered that the scoresheet had degenerated to gibberish around the 20th move, and the "chess pieces" were strewn around the floor amid puddles of liquor.  No one knows the game result since there were no other witnesses.

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    None. Don't drink alcohol!

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    I'm a lightweight -- I don't dring hard liquor.  So I would instead use beer in a shot-glass chess game.  Since it will get warm, I recommend an IPA versus a stout.  To make the game fair, they should have approximately the same alcohol content, ideally near 7.5%.  If that sounds too weak, enhance the effects by using a time control of G/10 or G/5.  But not any faster since it's a sin to spill good beer.


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