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How to avoid tournament fatigue?

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    I have registered for my first ever OTB tournament. The tournament is a 4-day event with 8 rounds, and the schedule seems quite compact in my opinion. The two first rounds are rapid (30 min), and the remaining rounds are 90 + 30 min with 30 sec increment.

    • Day 1: Round 1, 2, 3
    • Day 2: Round 4, 5
    • Day 3: Round 6, 7
    • Day 4: Round 8

    When thinking about this schedule, I suspect there is a very real risk of fatigue. Playing 2 long games the same day seems like a real challenge. Not to mention that this is repeated two days in a row.

    What are your suggestions for how to conserve and maintain energy and avoid fatigue?

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    I had the same problem playing in a World Open.  The schedule was two games per day for four days.  The way I approached it was to quit playing/studying for two weeks prior to the event (I had been working hard for several months) in order to build an appetite for chess.  I didn't participate in post-mortums of my games, I didn't play blitz, I saved all my energy for the rounds.  I went for walks (@1/2 hour) prior to rounds to relax me.  I rested as much as possible between rounds, sometimes just lying in my bed but not sleeping.  It worked pretty well--I went 6-2 but blew a win in the last round or it would have been 7-1.  Hope this helps!


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