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How to break out of a slump

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    My long anticipated Lesson 11 of my free video course is finally ready. Here, I give insight into a slump. I list reasons why they happen and how to best get out of one. In it, I explain how I was in one, and why.

    You may view my first 10 lessons on my website here: http://aww-rats.webs.com/freelessons.htm

    Check my profile here for more information about what my website and video lessons group here at chess.com can offer you to help your game.

    Anyway, I believe slumps are normal. You move up in class and have to first establish you belong there once you're there.


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    Thank you for another great video, and for making another "lesson" video. I can understand why you're doing what you're doing but I'm still gonna miss the format if you drop it.


    Maybe you can make lessons by topic and it would be less daunting for those coming in? Like making the first ten lessons basic viewing and the rest more specialized. Eleven already has it's topic "Breaking out of a slump," of course.

    It's an idea. I will be missing that format, I really will!!


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