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How to cheat at OTB chess

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    Any tips? I have a big rated tournament but I don't have clothes with sleeves to hide extra pieces in. Also lots of players there are wise to the "j'adoube trick" so I can't do that.

    I've considered slipping away to the bathroom and opening up a chess engine, but it'll look suspicious if I do it every time there's a critical position in the game.

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    I don't think the mods will find your thread to be funny.
    At the very least they will lock this thread and ban you for spamming the forums. 

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    Practice and training perhaps?

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    Please don't troll my thread. I want serious tips.

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    Get a hot girlfriend, have her accompany you to watch the game and have her flirt salaciously with your opponent.  It works, and they never complain.  Wink

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    the best way to cheat is to not cheat. Honestly, to me cheaters are stupid and deserve no respect in any way. Assuming you're some kid I will stop now.

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