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How to control nerves in the last stages of the game...

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    whenever i entered into the last stages of game, i always become anxious to go for a good move and sometimes becomes nervous in afraid of wrong move ......

    how do i control my nerves in the last stages ???

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    Breath deeply and slowly. Take a short walk if you are not in time pressure.

    Might work :D

    I have the same problem when I'm in any tense position, doesn't matter if it is an unfamiliar opening, in the middlegame, or in the endgame. Sometimes, the nerves stay frayed and I just try to take my time (if I have time) and do the best I can.

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    ya it is good to walk and take deep breath ........ but what in the case of time bound games ??

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    Online or otb? For the latter, just remember that there's a good chance that your opponent's just as anxious as you are. Take deep breaths and dont let em see you break a sweat 

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    thank you very much 

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    There was a user on here (I fail to remember their name unfortunately) who would do pushups at otb tournaments during critical moments during games.  Try that!  It has the added bonus of weirding the other players out.

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    means the point is that ......to overcome mental fatigue ... a person requires physical exercise ........

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    do some meditation b4 going to the tournament hall....that'll help u control the emotions during a chess game. (and it won't just benefit your chess eitherLaughing)

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    he he he :D :D 

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    Its just a game...As others have said deep (diaphramatic-google it might be spelled with a g) breathing. 

    At every move you are trying to find the best move.  Find the best move you can.  Even if you are unsure and can't calculate it all out, but feel it has to be winning then go with it.  You might lose, but then you have a good learning experience and at the same time develop instincts,creativity, and a fighting spirit which I think are undervalued by all but the best of players.  If you just try and find it after the game you might still learn something.  BUt, I think playing something which isn't calculated all the way out with an idea in mind can create a great sense of confidence in your abilities and ideas.   

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    Oh and just noticed the time control comment.  If we are talking 5 min games there are plenty of moments for deep breaths.  In a 5 min game there are at least a couple moves where I will take about 30 seconds.  U can get plenty of good deep breaths in at those moments.  In a real blitz there isn't really time for me to get nervous.  But, maybe that is just me?


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