How to get a higher rating


Hi guys and I'm here to ask you guys, how do you get higher chess ratings. I have tried many traps on my opponent but they don't fall for it. So i'm wondering if you can recomend some good chess traps or openings to get a good start to the game




chess isn't about the rating


Yes thanks but high rating is one of my goals to achieve Smile


So as I said please recommend one of your favorite opening or trap that hlp you to win easily


...there are none that actually work a lot... u had better start getting better at chess first...its not about openings


Then what!


Try ...Opening trap that actually works  in the forum search.


You shouldn't just rely on chess traps for success, because if you want a REALLY high rating, the good chessplayers will not fall for chess traps. You should aim to concentrate on strategy and tactics. Also, practice calculating every capture, check, or plausible sacrifice down to its final position, and you may find tactics you get to play at the end. 


Hi chesszrade--your question is very broad in that it's basically, "How do I improve at chess?"  Unless you're just asking about the dynamics of ratings themselves, in which case you play official games and the smaller the gap from your opponent's rating, the more yours increases for winning or decreases for losing.  Anyhow the sad truth is that opening traps are one minor part of the game and you'll eventually reach the level where people no longer fall for them.  Hence you must develop every aspect of your game: do you know the pure checkmates like K + Q, K + R, and K + B + B against a lone king?  Do you know how to win an endgame with an outside passed pawn, or the general strategy for a middlegame where the players castle on opposite sides?  The magical opening you speak of is a unicorn and one that will only snare other low-rated opponents if anything.  Read guides on all the basic tactics--forks, pins, skewers, discoveries, zugzwang, etc.--along with the common mating patterns and combinational play.  When you can keep a game level against most intermediate players, start reading about strategy and long-term planning.  Chess is not an easy game and sadly it requires everything described above.


To get better you have to learn about chess.  Some categories are: openings, endgames, strategy, tactics, attack, defense, and sacrifice.

And for each of those you can divide it further.  Opening traps alone are a very small part of what goes into making a strong player.  Also I'd say 100% of openings have traps (or at least common pitfalls) when playing at a beginner level.  So really just pick any opening and start learning.

If you want something on the swashbuckling side pick from a list of gambits

Although as BulletMatetricks said there's nothing that will automatically give you a better position.  The better you become, the less effective gambits will be.  Although there are a handful of respected gambits that will work no matter how good your opponents are.  These are mostly variations of classical lines e.g. Ruy, queen's gambit, Sicilian, Slav.

Basically what a gambit is, is giving up a pawn for speedy development and early pressure.  Of course openings like this rely on the player being up to par in other areas of chess too, specifically tactics.  In fact to any beginner wanting a quick rating boost I'd say solve a lot of tactic puzzles and look for / review the tactics from your own games.


If you don`t mind we can play sometimes. I want upgrade my skill. Also I`am new



"how do you get higher chess ratings" ++ By playing better and making less mistakes.

"I have tried many traps" ++ Chess is not about traps.

"they don't fall for it" ++ Then it backfires.

"good chess traps" ++ Play good moves, no traps.

"openings" ++ Defend 1 e4 e5 and 1 d4 d5 as black and open 1 e4 as white.

"a good start to the game" ++ Lasker formulated 4 common sense principles:

  1. Only play your d- and e-pawns.
  2. Play your knights before you play your bishops.
  3. Do not play the same piece twice.
  4. Do not pin opponent's king's knight with your queen's bishop before your opponent has castled O-O

Stop looking for the quick fix and put in the grind. There are no magic moves to win every time. Every player you come up against will have a completely different skill set. So learn the fundamentals of chess and just 'play chess'.


There is no royal road to chess mastery. You'll have to drag yourself there one step at a time.


Learn and apply the most important principles of chess.
Always blunder-check your moves.
Solve tactics in the right way.
Analyze your games.
Study games of strong players.
Learn how to be more psychologically resilient.
Work on your time management skills.
Get a coach if you can.