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how to play good chess?

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    Hello. Firstly, I am not a beginner. I've always been mediocre at chess. Lately, I've realized how complicated of a game it is, contrary to my previous belief. So, I want to know how to see the game and play it. I mean why do we make this move and not the other, I want to know the reasons why it is done. Unfortunately I don't see anywhere where I can get this kind of help though I have tried a few softwares, they couldn't offer me such help. I don't have the money to hire a chess mentor. And I am not so good at recognizing the patterns during the middle game too.

    Much help is required. I want to at least play to the best of my satisfaction and skill. Please help.

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    Try reading some of the posts here, for the ideas, not the exact moves, then apply to what you do.

    Why I think this? Earlier I read a discussion about strong vs weak squares. It made clear to me why you can lose a game where you fianchetto. I had thought that I seemed to be vulnerable after dropping the bishop, but realised why after reading.

    Applied the new insight in a couple of games and won with the black pieces against opponents around my own level.

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    Read a good book about positional chess. You'll learn what you should do (or not do) in the absence of tactics.


    I suggest Nimzovich's My System.

    A very good book is also Alburt's Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player.


    They deal with completely different things so they would not be redundant if you decided to take them both.

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    Riverblues, I was exactly where you are right now about 2 months ago, when I started studying with my chess coach. This is exactly what he teaches in his new ebook.

    Try reading this free sample: http://store.payloadz.com/details/1365707-ebooks-non-fiction-the-process-of-decision-making-in-chess-volume-1-mastering-the-theory-free-44-pages-sample.html

    I pesonally feel my mindset has changed I see more and more of the reasons and the answers to the question "why".

    You can also find some videos of his on that subject on strongerchess.com


    I hope it helped!

    Tongue outSmileWink 

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    Check out Coach Heisman's site (danheisman.com).  Your question is too broad to be easily answered.  As you have begun to understand, chess is difficult.  Tactics study will improve your board vision and of course until you stop blundering pieces, there isn't much else to talk about, but it isn't the only skill you need.  Some say endgame study is key, and no doubt it's an essential skill.  We're cautioned not to spend tto much time on opening study, but you do need at least general principles or you'll never get to an end game.  Coach Heisman is an award winning teacher and has some 300 articles on his site that address all this and more.   Of course you should check out the study plans here as well as the free beginner videos.

    My personal recommendation is to get a copy of a "move by move" book such as those written by Irving Chernev or John Nunn and play through a few dozen (or hundred) games.  Along with a good tactics book (Bain's Chess Tactics for Students) , you should have plenty to keep you busy.  And of course think about upgrading to diamond to give you access to the full educational resources of this site.  Best $100 I spend all year....


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