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How to respond in a mouse slip?

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    When my mouse slips I type: "squeek,squeek!" 

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    I've offered to repeat a position when someone did a move they didn't mean to, but only because they were a regular opponent. They declined and played on. That's how it should be, your mistake.

    Otherwise you just have to deal with it, nobody owes you anything. I wouldn't think of asking for leniency, and no longer will I offer it.

    You'll find that you give the draw to be sporting and wont get thanked anyone, people are ungrateful. I saw that in a previous post on this forum. People think they have a right to get a draw from a 'drawn' position or a win from a 'winning' position, but you have to earn it.

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    i remember once i could have mated my opponent with my queen

    but i was playing on a phone and it said i moved it in front of his rook while i was dragging it across the board to mate my opponent

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    I usually make a move.

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    Dont do anybody any favors, if you are playing to win and a winning opportunity presents itself then congratulations.   If you can destroy your opponent, then do it.

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    How do we determine between a mouseslip and just bad piece placement.
    otb I have played players that played so fast that they didn't notice that they hang the queen. online they may claim mouseslip as a bad excuse for not taking time to be careful about looking at the whole board.
    mouseslip vs too fast playing is hard to determine. both can be explained by mouseslip...but the latter does not deserve a draw.
    I have had mouseslip myself but it was my own fault and I didn't deserve a draw for not being careful to place my piece right.

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    ClavierCavalier wrote:
    Bellomy wrote:

    Confession: When losing badly in the endgame I will sometimes ask for draws just to see if my opponent is paying attention and cross my fingers that they'll accept.

    That's a bit annoying.  I had someone offer me 10+ draw offers, without moving, after I promoted a pawn to a queen in the endgame, and a queen will eat a bishop and a few pawns.  They insisted that it was a draw.  If I remember correctly, and I probably don't, I think I promoted with check, skewering their bishop.  I eventually said "Either move, resign, or let the clock run out while you offer draws.  If you think it's a draw, then prove it."  They resigned.

    I never spam with draws, and as I've improved I've stopped asking for them unless I really meant it anyway. I also never got annoyed if they weren't taken-I deserved to lose, after all.

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    Submit button is way too slow in Blitz and it doesn't guarantee you'll catch yourself once in the pattern.

    I resign immediately when I slip. Let's them know it was a slip, and it acknowledges the physical, dexterous aspect of playing online, which no one has mentioned. Blitz and bullet, in particular, has a definite physical aspect that cannot be ignored.

    As for offering a draw on a blunder(??), nice guys finish last. I In general, I just try to remember that it all evens out in the end.

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    Obviously the proper response to a mouse slip, is a mouse slip! This initiates a chain of mouse slips, and it is left up to some higher being to determine the game.

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    I say "squeek squeek"

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    I have played this game 3 times [as Black]

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    Chess4001 wrote:

    my opponent had slipped twice in the game, none of which cost the game extremely badly, but begged in the chat for a draw anyways.

    Disable chat, hehe

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    It’s quite hard 2 say whether it was happened accidently or perhaps your opponent blundered and now 2 avoid defeat saying “my mouse slip”

    It happened with me twice and I lost there is no point in convincing your opponent rather continue d game or hit Resign!!

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    better then winning is a gg,

    and better than a gg is making  friendship.


    (I wonder how people care for statistic points)

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    I played black,

    after the check I offerd a drawn, he refused and lost. - a sportsman !!!


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