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HTRYC Study Group

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    I am organizing a study group for this book. A chapter every two weeks. Please let me know if you are interested in participating.

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    Yes, definitely, it was next on my reading list!

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    @Chessmo, you might get more hits if you spelled out How To Reassess Your Chess Smile

    I'll follow along, but can't actively participate. Too many family and work commitments right now...

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    I would like to join this group.  I've gone through some of the book, but I would definately benefit from reviewing the chapters and discussing them with other players.

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    Sorry for the cryptic post, everyone! I posted this initial message with my Android app and for some reason when typing text if I hit the return key twice it would post the message (without even a confirmation).

    Anyway, for those that don't know the book is How to Reassess Your Chess 4th Edition by IM Jeremy Silman.

    So far it looks like we may have a group of 5-6 people. In a few days I'll send all of you who are interested a link to a forum where we can hold the discusson.



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    @Chessmo, did you enjoy U.S. Open OTB?

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    Chessmo, I'm interested as well.

    Any interest in trying to use skype/google hangouts to have real-time interaction?

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    @hreedwork, the US Open was awesome! I played 14 slow games but 5 G/15's over 9 days. Even though my rating didn't increase much, I feel like I improved my game. Other than two rounds, I was always paired up with someone between 1700-2200 and so got lots of experience playing these stronger players.

    @RandomJeff, yes, that is a thought. I am not sure how easy it will be to schedule but I think it would be more valuable/interesting. 

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    @Chessmo, thanks, good summary. I'm glad you enjoyed the U.S. Open!

    For the group here... like I said my time commitments are stacked high, but I'd like to pop in everynow and then to see what is going on. I did this once in a chess club and it was fun and effective. In that case I learned about knight and pawn endings.

    Probably the simplest venue to construct would be chess.com live server at a minimum. Then you can go over positions in the book and discuss what is confusing or hard to see if the position came up in a real game. 

    Adding Google Hangouts or Skype sounds good, but in practice difficult just because everyone has different levels of tech savvy. Plus a lot of us use phone and tablet and computer, and the various levels of technology work unevenly across those platforms...

    You could even try "asynchronous" where you use a forum topic to post a position in the chapter you are on, and then people can contemplate and reply to it with their comments or maybe new positions.

    Or you could do both. A new forum topic every week, culminating in a live server session, with or without Hangout or Skype.

    Just a thought.

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    You can always find it online lol

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    I'm in!

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    Do we have a start date yet? I'm really looking forward to this!

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    Ok, you should have all received invites to the study group (I created a new group so that I could be the admin). Here is the link if you didn't get my invite or if someone else comes along who wants to participate:



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