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I am machine...

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    A blitz game I played....Took me a min or 2 but I knew be7 was wrong..Thank you tactics trainer

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    I guess he told you!

    BTW, nice game.

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    i don't think Be7 is wrong.

    9 .. Qg6 threatening Qxg7, exd5, Ne5 etc looks good for black.

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    hate when that happens I just did a bunch of analysis.  Anyways simply castling after q-g6 looks quite dangerous for black.  If they move the rook then both rooks will be dead for quite some time.  There is an idea of f4 and maybe even e5 if fxe.  Definitely not a position I would want to play as black.  There were even some forced drawing variations in some lines(wish I could remember where lol)

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    Wow nice playing!

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    6.Bxf7+ is a lemon- in practice white has scored about eight percent out of 20 games after the (quite obvious) 9...Qg6.

    After 10.0-0 Rb8 white has scored a (counter)impressive zero out of five. Even worse, most people that play the Philidor are rather aware of it, since it's mentioned in the books (e.g. Bauer).

    Finally, since this was a 3-day correspondence game, it wouldn't be that hard for Black to consult a free database and find the refutation. Say something like that:

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    I recently had this position in a real chess game. I played 6. 0-0 and after the game my opponent showed me a very long forced variation and he said that it was very complicated if you dont know it!

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    Don't you just love a sore loser? I had someone type computer once... I took it as a compliment! Laughing

  • #9

    Somebody should run a Houdini vs Rybka on that position.

  • #10
    Chessman265 wrote:

    Somebody should run a Houdini vs Rybka on that position.

    nah, we hv better - pfren Laughing

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    tkbunny wrote:
    Chessman265 wrote:

    Somebody should run a Houdini vs Rybka on that position.

    nah, we hv better - pfren 

    +1 brain power is better.

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    After 10.0-0 Rb8, a computer will count the material and declare white dead for good. In practice, white can expect Black to blunder something, but objectively speaking, he is lost. Agreed that 10.0-0 is relatively best, but still not good.

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    Computers aren't always reliable.  I calculated a line in an Ivanchuk game and thought it was a draw despite being material up due to the bishops not being able to meaningfully target anything and the king being able to keep the other one away.  However, the computer said black was winning!

    I can't find the winning idea for black if there is one since it seems like the king keeps any pawn break through away while the pawns and bishop shut the king out on the queenside:

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