I am quitting chess.

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    quak170 wrote:

    I am 17 years old. I started playing chess with my dad. I started playing a little more seriously when I was 13. I played in a few tournaments through these years, and studied chess with the use of the internet almost exclusively. I didn't really use chess books except maybe a couple. I played corrospondance chess, standard and blitz chess, played at the local clubs, and always analyzed my games. I have also started a chess team and club. One of the most fun things I have done is to teach chess at a home-school co-op. I was able to make a little money while I was at it. I achieved a USCF of 1675, which isn't really that great, but I know I can play better than that and have beaten a player a little under 2000. I could probably get a much higher USCF if I just played in more tournaments, because in the last 3 years I have played in them not often enough. I have learned so much from chess about life. How to think, when to give up or not give up, how to be thoughtful, careful, and take my time, but also when to move fast... etc. etc. you know all the things you learn I could go on forever.

    However, life isn't all about chess. I can be, and it is for the top players, but at 17 and 1675 USCF it is highly unlikely that I will ever reach any sort of high rating, much less the top 50 players. But what can we get out of chess?

    -We learn about life from chess

    -We can make money by teaching others

    -We can be Magnus Carlsen and win a million dollars by crushing Anand

    As we know only the top players (like Carlsen) actually can make a living off of chess, and like I said I won't make money off of them. As for teaching, I will continue to teach and make money for as long as I have willing students, but I won't spend time looking for students once I hit college. Finnally for learning myself. I feel like the theory of diminishing returns applies here. If you don't know what that means look it up and you will understand.

    There is one final note. Chess is a great hobby. One of my favorite of all time. However, I think I would like to explore other hobbys during my life time. I LOVE board games in general, and have played Risk more than it should be played and have started with Axis and Allies (I "played out" 1941 and am working on 1942. 40 is next). I love other board games as well and I hope to one day become a board game designer.

    My situation is exaclty the situation that the USCF does not like. However, I feel that in my situation my decision is practical. The USCF should realize that chess is great for kids, not so much for adults (except those who like it as a hobby).

    This is real life. Wake up. (but of course don't follow in my footsteps- keep up the good games ;) )

    Ham radio is fun.  More money in music though

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    DrSpudnik wrote:
    imsighked2 wrote:

    Why do people repeatedly post this kind of stuff? Chess is great for adults. If people want to quit chess, just quit. No need to start an entire thread on it.

    The OP was on line 4 days ago here. That's what's so funny about these threads (and there are bunches of them)...the OP never actually leaves. So they're just on line temper tantrums followed by dozens of pages of mockery.

    its like tear gas,

    you throw the canister in and see how comes out ranting and raving.


    they joke isn't on the OP- its on the all the people on the internet whole took you seriously. right?


    on the other hand, if no one said a thing- how fun would that be? 

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    happy.png Don't stay away too long. Or you will go threw a serious mid life crisis and blow all that money you made trying to get your love back.

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