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I Don't See the Point of the Touch-Move Rule

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    Americans say beat. I guess Brits say flog?

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    I believe Kaynight is Scottish. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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    British. Rule Britannia!

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    Thanks for the clarification, my lord.

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    Very well, don't flog a dead horse either. 

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    Just noticed from looking at earlier posts in this thread that MrDamonsmith's account was closed. Anybody know why?

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    If your oppenents hand keeps blocking your view it could disrupt calculation.

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    DKenney wrote:
    MonsterRespawn wrote:
    kaynight wrote:

    Gawwd.... A new member... Wind up alert....Wind up alert.

    You don't even get the question, do you?

    BTW, I'm just a new member on this site. I've been playing chess for much longer than you think, and probably longer than you.

    But not long enough to understand why touch move is important...


    In casual games it isn't. I could play chess casually for 20 years, and it might never occur to me that a rule like touch move could be useful.


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